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When deciding to rent your home, the preparation of your home is one of the most important portions of the leasing process. Prior to listing your home, we will meet with you to go over what needs to be done, in order to attract the most qualified resident for your property. We will assist in identifying if work is needed, and one of our highly qualified vendors who have worked with us and know our standard of excellence.

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The marketing of your home is more than a "For Rent" sign and newspaper advertisements. Today's renter is tech savvy and wants information now. Residents expect rental information to be available at their fingertips 24/7 and all of their questions to be answered in one visit. Our marketing strategy allows this process to be hassle free for the resident, meaning they are more likely to rent a home through Benchmark Property Management than other management services or private landlords.

Our partnerships with our publishing venues, in addition to providing online property tours and applications, give our properties a competitive edge in the current rental market.

Resident screening is more important now than ever before. Protecting your investment by thorough screening is of the utmost importance. Screening a resident is more than just running a credit report. In addition to a credit report, screening a resident includes:

  • A detailed retail credit report
  • Thorough investigation of landlord references
  • Verification of employment or source of income
  • Banking references
  • Nationwide eviction records search
  • Report of any outstanding bad checks

Since a bad tenant can cost a significant amount in legal fees, damages and lost rent, we truly believe that your property is better off vacant than with the wrong tenant!

Once a resident has been selected for tenancy, we spend a significant amount of time going over their tenancy, the property and what is expected of them. During this time, we walk the property with the resident, showing them all of the home's systems and what to do in case of an emergency. In addition, we explain that the property owner is only responsible for normal wear and tear. By setting the standard at the beginning of the tenancy, all parties understand what is expected of them.

The condition of the property is also documented during this process to avoid any discrepancies when the resident moves out. The resident is responsible to return the property in the condition they received it, less normal wear and tear.

During the tenancy, circumstances may arise which are unexpected and require immediate attention. Our staff is prepared to handle these situations at a moments notice. For the more routine items, you will be contacted by your agent to go over the best course of action. However, in the event of an emergency, or if we are unable to contact you, we will act in a prudent manner on your behalf.

Maintenance can be a major headache to a landlord. However, there are few situations that we haven't already encountered and don't know how to handle. We have a wonderful network of vendors that know our expected standard of excellence and give us priority service. In addition, they also give us priority pricing! If and when maintenance is needed on your property, we'll be sure to diagnose the problem quickly and efficiently to avoid costly further damage. In addition, we will be able to ascertain the damage to determine responsibility. If caused by a resident's neglect, we will be sure to back charge the resident for the repair. Either way, your property is well cared for and your pocketbook is kept in mind at all times!

The move out process can be the most strenuous. There is a lot going on during this time. Because we understand this, we work with our residents and explain what is expected of them during this process. This includes showings, cleaning up and turning over possession. Additionally, we remind our residents of the condition in which they received the property and provide the documentation to support it, if needed. California Landlord Law requires a pre-move out inspection which helps abate any surprises to the residents in regard to the refund of their deposit.

Marketing Strategy

Benchmark Property Management uses only the best tools and resources available to market your home to the most qualified residents in the market today. The days of the For Rent sign and newspaper ad are long gone. We are proud to have pioneered the use of the most productive and useful methods in the industry today. Using these tools ensures that your home is seen by as many people as possible.

Each of our available and upcoming properties are marketed with our strategic program. We study trends, follow market activity and test unknown methods to make sure we are not wasting your vacancy time.

For the best results, we currently utilize the following marketing methods:

  • Post all properties to our website:
  • Blast all properties globally to over 100+ rental listing websites
  • Post all properties to social media, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Post all properties to craigslist
  • For Rent Signs
  • MLS posting (if needed, additional fees apply)

Each property is unique and may need a special plan. We will discuss this need, if any, and determine the best approach for your home.

Fee Schedule

Full Management: Our full management service is the most preferred program we offer. Industry professionals and savvy landlords continue to utilize this service due to the extreme value they receive from its benefits. To discuss our fees or to get more information, please contact us.

Tenant Placement: This service is strictly the leasing of the property. This includes the advertising, showing, screening, lease signing and check-in. After the resident is checked-in, the homeowner immediately assumes all management responsibility. This service is reserved for our local and experienced landlords who are savvy in the management of their own property but, do not wish to handle the leasing process. We do not recommend this service for our out-of-state clients or those inexperienced in the management of income property. To discuss our fees or to get more information, please contact us.

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