Ways we do business green

  • We only purchase recycled office materials whenever possible.
  • 100% of any paper that comes in to our office is recycled.
  • We encourage our vendors to use paperless billing systems.
  • We reduce our paper output by using electronic banking with our tenants, vendors and property owners.
  • We scan and/ or email everything. Whenever possible, we ask HOAs and escrow companies to send large documents via email to reduce the amount of paper that is printed unnecessarily. HOA documents are one of the most over-printed documents that we now request 100% of the time to be sent electronically. If a paper document is presented, we are able to scan the entire document and digitize it for future use.

Property Marketing and Promotion

  • All of our applications, leases and legal documentation are signed digitally and sent electronically to save paper, ink and waste.
  • We utilize paperless brochures and marketing information for both our company and our properties. This helps reduce the amount of wasted paper when looking at properties.

Property Maintenance

  • We reduce vehicle emissions by grouping property showings and using professional photography and video.
  • We require our painters to use zero VOCs in their paint.
  • We upgrade water faucets, shower heads, toilets and irrigation to low flow water systems whenever possible.
  • Grouping work orders: Except in the event of an emergency, we ask our residents to group work orders to reduce vehicle emissions from our vendors. When possible, grouping work orders together helps save technicians trips to and from the supply store and the property.
  • Whenever possible, we upgrade products in homes to be more energy efficient.
  • We regularly change out air filters on HVAC systems to promote better air quality and less strain on the air systems.
  • We encourage our housekeeping teams to use eco-friendly cleaners and sprays.

While we strive to be as green as possible, we also live by the rule of 1%. We can't change the world or ourselves overnight, so we try to make little changes when and where we can so that eventually, we've made a great impact on how we do business.

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