Why Hire A Property Manager? Can’t I just do it Myself?

Well of course you can do it yourself! You can also replace your own oil, wash your car and clean your own carpet.

Why is it that we don’t do most of those things ourselves? The answer is that when we are honest with ourselves, we know that there are people who live and breathe those tasks and can produce much more effective results than we can on our own.

So, why does leasing my own rental cause me headache? Here’s the hard truth: Many people think it is a walk in the park to rent their own property. You put up a sign in the yard, post an ad on craigslist and tell your Facebook friends that you’re going to be renting your property. Then the calls start coming in. You have every Jane, Tom, Dick and Sally calling you all hours of the day asking you at times the most ridiculous questions and honestly start annoying you. They want to see it tonight, but they never show up. They’re going to have a friend call, but he doesn’t.

Then you think, “Hey! I’m going to get smart and not publish my number. If someone is serious, they’ll email me. (miniature self-screening, right?!)” Then the emails come in and you receive the following:

Regarding your rental: http://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/apa/XXXXXXXXXX.html

I’m interested and I have it narrowed down to this and a coupe others.

A breakup snuck up on me, and now I have only a few days to find alternate living arrangements.

I make decent money but the breakup was unexpected, so I’m looking for someone who would be willing to trade a really nice (almost new) furniture set for the first month of rent or whatever number of weeks we can negotiate (I paid $2,250 for it new last year).

The other option is I have a nice little 2000 VW Jetta that looks and runs great — blue book trade-in value $1,955. This is my older car I was in the process of selling anyway. Here are pictures of the car as well as the furniture set … http://photo-host.net/?user=0229323rnl (ignore the scooter pics – it’s my ex’s).

I’d describe myself overall as friendly, neat, hardworking, and I get along well with others. I’m frugal and always pay my bills on time, despite the present hardship. I’m leaning a little bit towards your place than the other options, and can tell you more about myself if you’re interested and would be able to help as described above.

I’m heading off to work now but I’m contacting all 3 rental prospects — I’ll check back at break to see who’s interested.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

John Doe (Name changed for “privacy”)”

This seems legit right? The guy has clearly fallen on hard times and needs to get back on his feet. WRONG!!

This guy/ girl/ robot/ whatever is a HUGE scam. If you weren’t familiar with the ins and outs of leasing your property, you just might find compassion for this person and start a dialogue with them.

“But, Lee, how do you know this is a scam??” I am so glad you asked that! This person constantly sends out this stock text via spam to everyone on Craigslist just hoping for someone to ‘bite’. The reality is that I get this email every time I post a property and the story doesn’t even change. The incorrect grammar and spelling mistakes are the same in each one.

So, what does Benchmark Property Management do for me here that I can do for myself? We are able to screen and weed out the scams, fakes and robots from the leasing process and work directly with true people who are legitimately trying to find rental housing. The volume ofproperties we manage and the amount of calls we take, we have been able to refine our systems and processes to maximize the protection we provide you from scam artists like this.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this or any other topic further, please feel free to contact Lee Arnold directly at [email protected] or (760) 849-4401. If you would like, here’s a 30-sec video about us: Homeowners Information.

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